Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introduction to Tat Kun Tao

Tat Kun Tou or Tat Kun Tao is commonly mistaken as a martial arts that originated from China, but in fact Tat Kun Tao is actually a martial arts that was founded from the Philippines. Captain Jose Millan Go (Ju Go) from the Barangay community was one of the first few students of the Balintawak master Anciong Bacon.

Grandmaster Jose “Jo” put together practices from schools like Tai chi and other Kun Taos such as Five Ancestors and later created a mimic version of unarmed Balintawak now known as Tat Kun Tao. Grand Master Jo fused the simplicity, and straightforwardness of Balintawak with Tai Chi and other Kun Tao that he has learned over the years.

Not much info can be retrieved by research, the only thing that we have besides the above is that Master Jo was still teaching the art of Tat Kun Tao until he passed away in year 1991 and also his Dojo is still running in Cebu by his students.