Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introduction to Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong is a weapon-based martial art from Thailand, not much know about this art but this martial art is indeed an affective one. Just like other martial arts, Krabi Krabong was featured in movies as well, in James Bond “The Man with the Golden Gun” Krabi Krabong uses up to 20 weapons for combat training, which below are only a few examples:

1. Daab (Sword) Used individually or in pairs
2. NGAU (Spear) Used when riding an Elephant
3. Mae sauk (Clubs) Made from wood or bone to be worn on the forearm
4. LOH (Round Shield) For Defense or Attack
5. Kaen (Medium Shield) For Defense or Attack
6. Plong (Staff) Used for blocking, striking and stabbing.

Krabi Krabong is believed to be around 400 years old but this fighting style is believed to be develop through the Burmese war with Thailand, it was influenced by many types of martial arts put together. Besides weapons, Krabi Krabong incorporates unarmed techniques as well. The empty-handed form is kick-based but also uses pressure points, locks, holds, and throws.

In a nutshell, Krabi Krabong uses a variety of weapons and open hand techniques to beat down it’s opponent. The Krabi Krabong practitioner is skilled at using the above weapons and surprisingly, the name Krabi Krabong comes from two of its weapons, krapi (sword) and krapong (a type of staff). It was said that every single royal bodyguard from His Majesty King Rama IX of Thailand all the while until today’s Thai King are all highly trained experts in Krabi Krabong.

Speaking of Thai Martial Arts, the first think that you might think of is the Wai Kru or the praying session to the god of 4 directions. In Krapi Krabong, after the Wai Kru, the fighters will have a sword dance, which is divided into Single or Double Sword Dance, some of the dances are for Single Sword Dance are: Cher Chy - Fly like the Angel, Dern Phom - Walk like the Lord Phom and the Double Sword Dance are: Suar Talai Heng - Tiger Attack, Horrng Piek huk Bird - with broken wings and Kakabard Cross Swords

Image taken from: aitma.de

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  1. I am studying Thai language and alphabet, and I never knew until today that there is a Thai equivalent to tai chi, presumably that which Dennis Chan teaches to J-CVD in Kickboxer.
    Krabi Krabong is an amazing art, and should be exposed and taught more in the
    US. Thanks, Jeff (usa)