Sunday, June 21, 2009

From The Pros - Muay Thai

Name: Kongnapa

Type of Martial Arts: Muay Thai

Rank / Belt: 4 times Rajademnern Stadium Champion (Thailand) & 7 times World Champion (USA)

Years of Training: over 23 years experience

How You Started: Its kind a funny how I started, I was 15 and they have a festival in my hometown and they have a competition in muay thai so I enter and won, friends and families told me its natural for me. so I moved to Bangkok and join Phetnoi Gym, I train with them for 11 years. I won my 1st professional fight while i was training with them, that’s where I got my titles Rajademnern Stadium Champion. I got my world titles here in the US. I also fought for Team Chod Thai (amateur Thai Team for the country of Thailand) where we travel around Asia and compete for the country.

Why this martial art is good:
It is use back in the early times, call Muay Boran, it was taught to all the militaries to use it as a weapon without a weapon, where you only use your hands, legs, knees & elbows. Muay Thai have so many techniques, beside using your limb, you also use speed, eye coordination, & mind to defeat your opponent. Muay Thai is a stand up fight, a fair fight. People around the world are adapting Muay Thai more and more, rather for self defense, fighting in the ring or cardio workout. I think its great for self defense.

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