Thursday, May 21, 2009

From the Pros - Tai Chi

Name: Michael S. Fuchs

Type of Martial Arts: Five Formed Fist Shaolin Chuan Fa, Tai Chi Chuan, Filipino Kali

Rank / Belt: Chief Instructor

Years of Training: 23 Years

How You Started: always interested in martial arts and related arts, since I can remember, read books and stuff as a child about martial arts, wrestling and sports; saw movies, tv about martial arts (Bruce Lee and David Carradine mostly) age 20 was very sick (high blood pressure, arthritis, depression), got going to be healthy, but also wanted to learn all sides of it...luckily I chanced upon a great teacher and was with him for 17 yrs. full-time.

Why this martial art is good: This martial art system is wonderful because it is extremely diverse and comprehensive, it contains various sub-systems and styles, if you stay with it you can become a very complete and accomplished martial artist...from internal to external, long-range to short range, striking to grappling, empty hand to all weapons...also the inner healing and meditative arts it has...principles, concepts, traditional philosophy, etc....very well constructed, and well rounded Shaolin traditional system..

Advice to Newbies: find a good teacher, listen well and practice hard, then live the art and try to use it to help you with all things in your a positive force in life, that is what the arts are for...not destruction...:)....the real art is practiced in life, not just the kwoon or is the dojo!

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