Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kendo Uniforms

Bogu Set

Men or the face mask is the most important protection that minimized the impact from the practitioner from getting a Tsuki (strike to the throat) and a hit at the Men. The Megane are the steel bars on the Men are to protect the practitioner from getting any strike to the face, a good quality men would have steel made out of Titanium.

Do is to protect any slicing to the stomach area, and normally the better quality ones are made out of bamboo splits for extra protection.

Kote is the hand protector, it protects the practitioner from getting a direct hit to the hand, and trust me, you won’t want to go to a practice without one.

Tare is the waist and hip protector that minimize the impact from the hit using the Shinai

The Bamboo Sword or Shinai is made out of made of four splints of bamboo held together with a leather handle (Tsuka) slid over the splints and another small leather cup (Sakigawa) at the tip. There is also a rubber Tsuba to protect the practitioner’s hands from getting a direct hit.


In Kendo the Basic uniforms are Gi (Shirt) and Hakama (Trousers), the normal combination for both male and female is:

Gi: Indigo / White
Hakama: Indigo

White Gi and Hakama are mostly worn by Females, some schools will only allow the Sensei to wear this combination no matter of what sex but there are also Males that wear the full white set it is more like a personal preference thingy also although Hakama looks like a skirt but it is actually a separated trousers that look like a long skirt.


Tenugui is the piece of cloth that wraps your head before putting the Men on.

Zekken is the name tag where you wear it in front of your Tare, I would have to borrow the image from e-bogu as I am still waiting for mine.
Bokken/Bokuto is the wooden sword used for the kata, not for sparing cause it may cause serious damage to your opponent

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