Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Introduction to Taijutsu

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When we speak of Taijutsu, the 1st thing that we might think of it Rock Lee and Gai Sensei from Naruto,Taijutsu is an ancient martial art from Japan, which means body skill or movement, is a techniques that rely on a science of body movements.

Taijutsu is studied by ancient ninjas because it focus on spontaneous and natural movement and most importantly this martial art is know for breaking bones and striking at preasure points which might cause the enemy to black out or malfunction of the ememy's arms or legs.

Taijutsu is a very common martial are in the ancient days where the practitioner practices unarmed combat and besides on hitting the preasure points or breaking bones it also focus on alot of throwing and and locks. Taijutsu is a mixture in this few types of style

Is a martial arts that focus on attacking bones or breaking them
Is the main substance for taijutsu where it is a study on the human body that focus on striking the nerve points or muscles to cause numbness, sharp pain or even death

Is a system of body movement that focus alot on coordination, agility, and bone alignment. "The Skill of Body changing" is tha basic translation of Taihenjutsu and the practitioner's bodies allows them to escape injury from strikes, throws and falls.

Is the strike and fist formations that focus on hard strikes it is the meaning quite similliar with karate but it relies most on both Koppojutsu & Koshijutsu.
Is where the Throwing and Joint locks comes in.

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