Friday, May 15, 2009

Introduction to Adithada

When people talk about kickboxing it is always about Muay Thai, some do speak of MMA and some Bokarto, even I was in a shocked when there is a request for me to write about Adithada as this is consider as type of martial art that not much people know about.

It was actually my honour to be able to share a bit about Adithada and a big thanks to the data research team. Adithada is a type of Martial Art that was founded approximately 2000 years ago according to sources, we believed that this form of martial art have a certain influence to the art of kickboxing.

This art was founded in the southern part of India and considered as a preliminary practice or the empty hand of southern Kalari Payat practice. Adithada allowsthe Martial Artist to prepare themselves in years of training before they start training with weapons in Southern Kalari Payat School / Style.

Like most of the martial art, The name of Adithada actually represents the whole essence in it’s martial art, Adi (Hitting) and Thada (Blocking) describes the whole meaning of this martial art itself. Adithada is largely practices in Southern Kerala and Northern Sri Lanka. And this martial art’s main focus is on Grappling, Striking and Pressure Points.

The practitioner uses their Fist, Legs, Knees, Elbow and Forehead in the practices, and it sound quite similar to Bokarto’s style or Martial Art, and since this martial art was founded so long ago, there is no trace back to it’s original founder, for those who have more detail in this art, please do contact us.

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  1. Greeting,

    That was nice. I really appreciated to your dedication and great contribution to the art of kungfu.

    People who are looking for just fighting, it's okay to opt for Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Adithada. But to learn the complete set including health, Chi Kung, Weaponry and the Techniques, I would prefer Shaolin Kungfu. Explore Shaolin first and then choose your path.

    This doesn't mean that I'm critisizing your blog, but I'm just expressing my view point for betterment of people like us who are interested in Martial Arts of the world. Treat it as a discussion.

    Sifu Zhao Hui

  2. Haha... Sifu, guess what? actually we have finished working on a brief introduction on shaolin kungfu, and it should be posted in another 48 hours, cause at the moment we are still verifying the draft that we did.

  3. i am frm srilanka. never heard of adithda
    but v have a ancient fighting style with major emphasis on striking nerve centers called "angam pora"

  4. Hey thanks a ton for doing the job of our ministry of culture in bringing out info on martial arts from India! Only info I myself can say is adithada has more similar rules w/ Lithwei in Myanmar as far as "kick boxing styles" go...Interesting to note that adithada and lithwei are the only kick boxing styles which allow head butts as legal. Muay Thai, Pedal Serey etc doesn't permit I think.

  5. अदिथाडा अपने आप में एक सम्पूर्ण martial art माना भी जाता है और नहीं भी. वास्तव में ये कल्लारी का ही एक भाग है और इसकी पूरी जानकारी इस लिंक पर मिल जाएगी

  6. Bro make a Note On Mallayudha and Mustiyudham